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Hospitality for tourists and pilgrims

In another area of the historical building, we have rooms with private bathrooms and common kitchen for tourists and pilgrims.

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Ask us an estimation for long periods or groups. Send your e-mail to: info@collegiogesuiti.com

Contact Info
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Collegio Gesuiti

Residenza Universitaria Gesuiti di Venezia
Cannaregio 4883 - Fondamenta Nuove
30121 Venezia

Tel +39 041 5286579

Email: info@collegiogesuiti.com

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A lagoon half filled with flat waterlogged islands is an unlikely place to build a city, but that is why the first settlers came here. Cities had become dangerous places as government in the western part of the Roman empire began to collapse during the fifth century. The first Venetians lived from hand to mouth with fish as the only plentiful source of food, but isolation would have ensured that they learnt about the sea and its ways. This knowledge would give them a great advantage as they began to trade along the Adriatic coast. They soon came to the notice of the rulers of the Byzantine empire and were duly expected to pay tribute. Meanwhile their growing mastery of the sea enabled the inhabitants of Venice to grow in wealth and power and to quietly ignore their imperial masters.

Map of Venice

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The site of “Collegio Dei Gesuiti” is available also in Italian language. Click here to visit the site in Italian..

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Venice - satellite view

Attraverso Google Maps è possibile non solo ammirara Venezia dall'alto ma anche esplorare le sue calli ed i suoi monumenti più celebri. Clicca QUI per vedere dove si trova la stuttura del Collegio Dei Gesuiti a Venezia.

Accoglienza Festa Accoglienza


Il piacere  si sentirsi "fra amici" in una delle città più belle del mondo